Tuesday, February 9, 2010

it's called the droid...ever heard of it?

ok. just hear me out.
i was in need of a new phone. i got used to having internet and other features of the blackberry, but at times, the blackberry was just too complicated. the nice man at verizon directed me to this beauty. sold.
i didn't get it because it's "the droid" and i want to fit in and be cool. i got it because it does what i need it to do...and so much more.
magic 8 ball? got it. truth or dare? sure thing. bejeweled. papi jump. gmail. gchat. gps. flixster. pandora. good food. slide puzzle....the list goes on.
end of the day, i love my phone. and if you're nice, i'll make sure it has a full battery so that you can (try to) beat all of my high scores.


Kayce said...

I'm jealous. I hear that's a great phone, I would much rather have that than the iphone.

Whitney said...

Wow. I didn't know you got it for the games... I'm glad you love it. Maybe you can give me a droid lesson since you're such the expert. Why don't you tell me these things sooner?