Thursday, August 9, 2012

i'm growing up...maybe

signs i'm growing up:

things that should make me mad, don't.
things that should make me down in the dumps only put me there for a few hours.
things that make me happy happen more and more often.

i like to think that as i get older i get a little more mature and along with that have a more positive outlook on life. being positive sure does make things go more smooth. don't get me wrong, there are still times that i get bugged or sad, but for the most part those moments are short lived and i have alot to be grateful for. wonderful family. great friends. good coworkers. cool roommates.

it's easy at times to feel like there's something missing, cause guess what...there is. a husband and kids are missing. i think i find myself avoiding this topic with most people because i am scared to death that people are going to think i'm unhappy, and i don't do too well with people feeling sorry for me. and i must be unhappy since i'm almost 30 and not married, right? wrong. i'm definitely happy. it's kind of the good better best deal going on. i've done good. i'm working on better. looking forward to best. in the mean time, feel free to set me up with normal looking, employed, funny 30 somethings. i like to think i've been very open minded lately :)

in the mean time, i'll be celebrating my birthday Hawaiian style. dole whips, shaved ice, seafood, hiking, temple, swimming, and a whole lot of beach time.