Tuesday, August 26, 2008


ok, this will sound weird, but i had to laugh. i really like my job. today was another great day. i went out with the other secretaries and we laughed and gossiped like normal girls do. perfect. thats not what i was laughing about though. the bathrooms. we have nice bathrooms, which i'm thrilled about. i'm even more thrilled about the soap. its a fancy little foam soap dispenser, but never have i ever enjoyed the smell of soap so much. i don't know who knows this about me, but i like the smell of soap. not the soap you are thinking of from bath and body works, i'm talking about dishwasher detergent and laundry soap...the good old fashioned powder stuff. ali and i went to costco last night and bought a brand new tub of detergent and was so excited to open it up and take a big wiff. mmmmm. i didnt think much about the soap at work, until i realized i was sitting at my desk smelling my hands. good thing i am in my own cubicle and people can't see me...at least i think they can't see me. but yes. i was smelling my hands. talk about motivation to wash your hands! (not that i need motivation) done. i love my job.

Monday, August 25, 2008

from rags to riches

Today I started my new job. I am an administrative assistant for a managing partner at an investment firm called Squire and Company here in Provo. I was so suprised to walk into the office this morning and see my new little cubicle with my name plate on the outside and a whole slew of goodies on my desk. A new backpack, shirts, jacket, gift certificate, jump drive...the list goes on. Everyone was so nice! Lets not forget the boss took me out to lunch at PF Changs, and the fridges on every floor filled with water bottles in case I get thirsty.

The other assistants are so great, and so kind! They are so willing to help, and that makes it a little less intimidating. Remember how I know nothing about investments? I'm pretty sure that is what I will be working with everyday, so I have a lot to learn.
I loved coming home from work, walking up the stairwell from the parking garage and seeing Ali waiting for me in the doorway. We are both professionals! This is when we realized we have very different jobs. Ali had a shaving cream war at work today with the girls at the residential treatment center where she works, and I have a free gym pass from the firm. :)

here we are with our goodies from the day! sugar shack is back!

Speaking of parking garage, I have one. I got back from California friday night and woke up early saturday morning to meet Ali to find a place to live. We had signed a contract by early afternoon and moved in by the end of the day. Miracle of miracles! Al and I are so excited to be living together again. And here we sit, side by side on the couch, watching a movie and both working on our laptops....like professionals. I'm sure she's answering some important emails while I brush up on my investment lingo, you know.
So... new apartment, new roomies, new job, new ward, NEW LIFE.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

cal. i. for. ni. A.

what a fun and busy week! drove down on monday. full day at the beach on tuesday. full day at disneyland on wednesday, and now we are beat! heaven knows we were supposed to go to six flags today, but we were all so tired, we just decided to lounge around today, which is perfect.
even though i'm on "vacation", it's hard to forget what is waiting for me when i get back to the blessed homeland that is provo. i start my new job on monday. i'm quite nervous to be honest with you. i'm still homeless. ali and i have been looking like CRAZIES and can find NOTHING! i am hoping that it's something we can look back on and laugh, but right now....no laughing.
we head back to utah on friday, to no home....and no friends. ok, lying about the friends part obviously, but it sounded good. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my last week of efy.....ever?!?

I'm starting to have mixed feelings about this week. Is this my last week of EFY....ever?? Being done with school and starting my "career" I can only think that this is the last week ever. Can you imagine me asking for 8 weeks off during the summer to run around with youth? I'm sure they would be able to get along without me, right?
Ok, so this is my last week of efy. EVER. Weird. How do I feel about it? Not quite sure. If this is, in fact, my last week, could there be a better line up? I have a wonderful session director to work with, a ridiculous line up of teachers that I know and love, and don't get me started on my team. Man oh man! Great counselors and alot of kids back for round 2.
I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it. And will I cry my eyes out on Friday? Most likely.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

all grown up....and employed!

i got the call today! I am officially employed at Squire and Company, an accounting and investment firm. I'll be working as the assistant to the managing partner on the investment side of the firm. I'm really excited....and I wanted it really bad. It's weird to think I'm all grown up with a job, and benefits! YAY!
Now I have to find housing and figure out the rest of my life. sounds like fun, doesn't it? The rest of the week I'll be looking for housing with Ali. Holy cow, things are happening so quickly! To think that I have one more week of EFY, then I head down to California for my Disneyland trip, then back to start work...oh yeah, and I'll have to move somewhere in that mix. I kind of laugh. Let's hope I survive!