Wednesday, February 3, 2010

oof di nannny.....

sorry i haven't posted in a while. there really has been alot going on...but not like fun weekend getaways and secret romances. just alot going on in my mind. trying to think through alot of things.

so guess what you get today...a list. i know, you're so lucky. :)

1. my ward has no clue who i am. this is my own fault. i'm either out of town, sick, or going to church somewhere else. i hate this. i'm sure i'm on countless lists. i used to be the one that stressed over these i'm on them. i'm going to church on sunday. i'm sure no one will talk to me. yet another motivation for me to want to go to my ward.
2. lost season 6 started last night. i'm still trying to figure out what happened exactly. i love to talk theories, even though i may not have much to contribute.
3. i've lost motivation....for alot of things. there are things that are important to me that i put effort into, but let's be honest. after a quick evaluation of something, i decide it's not worth my time...and back off. i've decided this is bad. i don't know how to fix it, but i think deciding it's bad is the first step to fixing it.
4. i got to go to lunch this week with some dear long lost friends. they weren't ever really fact they live about 10 minutes from my parents house. time and time again we've planned to get together, and plans always fall through. they happened to be driving through town, and it was perfect. so good to see them. i love those friends that you don't see forever....but can chat like no time has passed.
5. i love st. george. i don't care what's planned for the weekend...or if nothing is planned. i don't know why sleeping in, taking naps, swimming, watching tv and eating out is better in st. george....but it is.
6. sometimes i feel like i don't fit in. i'm not saying this in a whiney or pity-party sort of way. i'm saying this in a maybe-i've-outgrown-certain-phases-of-life way. it's something i've been thinking about alot lately and trying to find a remedy. i'll keep you posted on my findings.
7. have you ever been brave enough to just do something? something others might poke fun at, or question if it's the smartest thing to do?? i'd love some advice...and hopefully encouragement.
8. sometimes...okay, all the's not good to assume. i would love to tell you how i learned this lesson, but alas. just trust me. it's always better to ask questions. be honest (with yourself and others), and heaven forbid we think the best of people instead of the worst. blah. hard lesson.
9. friends are golden.
10. i love having short hair. i don't know what i would do with a head full of long hair. i think that having short hair makes me a happier person.
11. "pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime...when you have pizza on a bagel, you can have pizza anytime." this is weird, but bagel bites mean party. bagel bites mean special occasion. bagel bites scream good times. i'm having bagel bites tonight. yee haw.


Katie said...

I love your lists. They are my favorite posts.

And whatever you need to be brave to just do...just do it. :) That's my vote!

The Walkers said...

Bagle bites are too good. And I second it. p.s. you and Lindsey make seriously freaky zombies.

Melissa said...

i am thinking that it was a huge mistake to start watching lost in the 6th season. loved it all the same.

what are these lies of you trying to call me, then random messages left on the home answering machine? i don't know how you get so sneaky, but i'm expecting a call when this busyness slows down.

Tawny said...

you should write a book.

Ali said...

thank you for the title of this post. if there is anything i could contribute to your life it is the oof di nany saying. thank you, made my heart smile.