Saturday, September 12, 2009

picture update.

this is for everyone that forgot what i looked like. i know, not acceptable, and i'll try to be better about posting pictures (even though i don't have a camera) These are all pictures from our trip home to vegas for Ryan and Halie's open house. Matt and Scott were nice enough to keep me company so i didn't have to drive by myself. we had to take our signature trip out to hoover dam. good thing we didn't go at night...pedestrians are not allowed on the dam at night...everybody knows that. and don't get the wrong idea-- i don't know why i'm holding onto scott like that. i am going to say that i was afraid he was going to fall off the side??

the bridge they are building is really cool. i've seen pictures of it online, but it really is very cool to see in real life, so i'm glad we took the trip. seeing as how i'm not in this picture, i must be the artsy one taking it. i am good at what i do...

before i explain this pathetic picture, i would like to ask a question. when you have a canker sore, what are you not supposed to eat?? (my answer, pineapple and all things acid. acid=death.) i had a killer canker sore. it's not something i was showing everyone, until this happened, and then everyone wanted to check it out. i saw a banana on the counter and ate it without a second thought. when matt found out i had a caker sore, and that i had eaten a banana, he let me know that was one of the worst things i could have done. he proved to be right when my lip swelled up to the size of a small state. it killed. and i cried about it. don't worry, the swelling went down by the next day...before the open house. (thank goodness)
this picture is out of order, but i need to document this as a reminder and warning for future roadtrips. consider this your warning as well. starburst jellybeans, although they may taste good and all the different colors might entice you to keep eating them...DON'T. for some reason we all got really sick from these babies, but at the same time - kept eating them. maybe we got sick because we ate a whole bag between the three of us. my stomach hurts just thinking about it.
this is just a glimpse of the goodness that was the open house my mother put together. super simple. super classy. super good food. super fun. thanks to matt and scott for keeping me sane. thanks to cindy for driving out and listening to me vent in the grocery store line. thanks beb for the sleepovers and re-introducing me to blading. thanks math for learning to poof like merlin. thanks mom and dad for hosting us. and thank you for that cheesecake. dang, it was good.


Melissa said...

since when is scott called merlin?

Ricky & Leah said...

Oh Nancy Pants....has arrived!!!!! My goodness....I love this story Beth!!! Again, good thing I'm nosey....finding all these wonderful nancy pants pictures! I love it! =0 ) Definitely love it!