Thursday, September 17, 2009

over the river and through the woods...

last night my cousin and i tagged along to a client appreciation night we had for work. they had rented out hale center theatre for clients and employees to go enjoy a night out. perfect. it was a comedy, not your typical musical, and i was for sure a little skeptical.
i loved it. it was one of those where you laughed and cried. yes. we cried. it got sentimental and focussed on family relationships. especially relationships with your grandparents. my cousin lindsey and i called our grandma and grandpa on the drive home, and we were reminded how lucky we are.
i know people that don't have any living grandparents. i'm lucky enough to have three...very loving and very kind...grandparents still living.
anyway, linds and i have plans to go visit grandma and grandpa next week, eat fresh peaches, talk gospel with grandpa and catch grandma up on all the gossip with boys and the like. sound perfect? yes, yes it does.

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