Thursday, September 17, 2009

come on and deeaaannncceee

dance parties are not taken lightly in our house. we have different kinds of dance parties (well, at least in my book)

1. old friend dance parties. turn on the classic missy elliot and pull out the old dance moves. they never get old.
2. the regular "we're bored, so let's have a dance party" dance party.
3. the planned -can we borrow your amp, let's make a playlist-shake your brain-kind of dance party.
4. a matt green dance party (hope you're ready to learn a new dance move)
5. a girls dance party (we can be a little sillier. and then we paint our nails and have a pillow fight)
6. roommate dance party (no need to use code names. there are no secrets)
7. bethany and lindsey exclusive dance party (no one should have to see this. ever.)

one for every day of the week, and that's how it should be. last night linds and i had an exclusive, and i'm still laughing about it. good thing we closed the blinds. it was extreme. to. the. max.

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Jenny Wells Alama said...

i haven't heard that song in forever!!! love it. LOVE it. too bad i'm at work so i have to have a little dance party in my mind. "come on and deeaaaancceee... ohhhhh i wanna dance with some body...."