Tuesday, September 22, 2009

you're a saint.

did you know i love roadtrips? this past weekend i headed to st. george with my favorite people for a weekend of desert rash, theatre and pool time. i knew it would be a fun trip. i didn't know it would be the ultimate and funnest trip of all time. here's a few highlights:

these helmets are a part of my childhood. don't you love them? we always wear them as a joke, but lindsey wore hers forreal this time. safety first, right? but let's be honest, we all like how they shimmer in the sunlight. we spent most of the weekend here:

my grandmas house in st. george is right on the edge of the desert. the most amazing desert you'll ever see. this little track we found is a hot spot for my family, and we spent hours here. i don't know what's so fun about riding around in circles and going over little jumps, but trust me. it's fun. if you look close at that picture you can see scott and lindsey riding their little hearts out.

we spent the better part of saturday morning out on the 4 wheelers. we spent the afternoon at the pool, and then headed off to Tuachan for a night at the theatre. i was really excited to see Aida. don't worry, it started to rain and after they delayed the show twice for weather, we decided to transfer our tickets to another night. dang it. i did have to say it was pretty cool to be up that canyon and see lightning and hear thunder off those rocks. too bad about the show, huh? it's okay i guess, because now it means we get to go back again...right?

this is what happens when you send lindsey and scott out for a little ride. they come back covered in mud and then get everyone else to join them. lucky for me i was the designated camera person. (i would have had more fun playing in the mud than standing in the desert heat for 30 minutes with a camera, but oh well...) let's just say that's not mud. it's clay. and does not like to come off. EVER.
great trip. great people.
i promise i have more blog about, but i just have been distracted with other things. i'll be posting more soon. things are going great for me. i'm happy. i'm busy. things are good. real good.

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Steve Lamb said...

I am glad things are going great for you! I love the picture of the helmets, very cool!