Sunday, March 6, 2011

nothing slows you down

like a swift kick in the face.

okay, we all know i wasn't literally kicked in the face. maybe that would have been better, eh? i hate being disappointed. i would rather be deathly ill....or break a bone.

on the way home, this song happened to play. full blast. on repeat.

it made me feel a little better to sing along. maybe that sounds dramatic, but oh well.

ps. i went running today. granted, it was for 25 minutes and only 10 of those were actually running, and by running i mean jogging (my short and slow midget leg jog.) but hey, progress is progress!!

1 comment:

Linze Kate said...

Oh my word... I never do more than a half hour of running, and by running I ALSO about ten minutes of it is actual running, and by running I ALSO mean jogging... I love you even more after this post.