Friday, March 4, 2011

oh glorious weekend

i got to leave work early today...thank heavens for overtime, right? sometimes when i'm out during the week during normal work hours, i look around at other people and wonder what their lives are like...just out and about. not at work. how would that be? i've just gotten into such a routine with working the normal 8-5 that i just don't know what normal people do during the day.

anyways, i mailed a package off today. remember how i love mail? i like sending mail just as much as i like getting mail. it's so fun to think that on a specific day, someone will have something unexpected waiting for them at home. in case you were wondering, i'm not very good at keeping secrets....not because i'm a gossip, but because i usually get so excited that i just want other people to know its goodness. yes, at times i understand that goodness has to be kept to myself, but that usually means i am bringing it up constantly with the person that confided in me to curb the urge to want to share with a random stranger on the street. like this silly package. i am so excited, but instead i'm blogging about it. the person i sent it to will never ever guess it's coming to them, so i get to talk about it but still keep it a suprise. boo yah.

i'm ready for the weekend. and my sweet visiting teacher brought me an extra ipod charger she had. so, my ipod is charged and i no longer have an excuse for not going running. here's to a warm(er) weekend of goodness.


Whitney said...

Sweet. I'll watch for my package in the mail.

Jill said...

Sorry, I was the lucky recipient who was totally surprised by a package and an even nicer card! You'll have to come and see me if you want to know what it was.