Tuesday, March 1, 2011

happy birthday

justin bieber. seriously, i know you were thinking it and just a little too embarassed to wish him well on the big 1-7. i almost joined twitter today just so i could see his tweets saying "thanks for the birthday wishes. just enjoying the day with my girlfriend selena." and "i can't believe i've been driving for a whole year now!". but i controlled myself. no tweeting for me.

i'm coloring my hair right now. as in, the color is sitting in right now as i type. ironically enough, i'm coloring it a light ashy brown...which was close to my original hair color that i was trying to cover up. my hair history has been super dark. then it went super red. i'm trying to lighten it up for summer, but still cover up them grays. seriously. so, let's hope and pray that my hair doesn't wash out ashy gray. i would cry, and then call in sick to work.

i went visiting teaching tonight. it was fantastic and we helped with wedding favors. whats better than 3 girls, alot of ribbon and a bag of reeses peanut butter cups? we looked at wedding dresses and announcments. and gossiped. talked about silly things from the day...and bad things from the day. i loved it. (just to clarify, the girl we visit teach is in fact getting married. we weren't just doing wedding stuff...because.)

don't worry, on my way home from visiting teaching i got rear ended. super cool. it didn't really do any body damage to my car, just paint scratched off. the poor kid. i told him that i knew someone that could fix it at a fair price and got his name and number. you could tell he was nervous. and his car was alot more banged up that mine was. all i know is i've been in his place more often than i'd like to admit. i've hit people who are complete jerks and make you feel even worse. and then i've hit people that are nice about it. i was trying to make it so he wouldn't burst into tears. but zeke, you will be paying to get my bumper repainted...and my windows tinted. ok fine, just my bumper.

i would say, "what an eventful day"...but what else did i expect on justins birthday???


Whitney said...

You got rear ended!?!?! I'm sorry. My kids keep leaving the lights on in the car so everytime I'm in a hurry to leave somewhere I have a dead battery. Text me a picture of your new hair color.

Emily said...

Bethany, I'm Emily. Whitney's friend. I read your blog. AND I got rear-ended yesterday too. AND it only scratched the paint. I just think that is weird.

That never happened to me before, but are you really supposed to have the other person pay for it? She was an older lady whose daughter died of cancer and she's left the church and let's just say my heart was soft (but I still got her number.) Maybe if I make her pay for it then my husband will stop giving me dirty looks... what's the name of your guy?

Shannon said...

I may or may not have rocked out to a little Bieber in honor of his day of birth yesterday. And I may or may not have throughly enjoyed it! "Never Say Never"

Steve Lamb said...

Sorry about your car! That is no fun, but good think you had bieber to cheer you up. He will always be there for you. PS did you know there is a special screening of the bieber movie with like 45 minutes of unseen footage? Well there is and maybe we need another bieber night..

Alisa said...

Remember me? Adam Zockoll's sister? Yeah I totally stalk you because I love reading your posts. We celebrated Justin's birthday at my house. My 5 and 6 year old insisted we make cake. I talked them into a simple happy birthday song.