Monday, March 28, 2011

new sheets

is there anything better than new sheets? i don't think so. i've been trying to decide if i feel like i've been sleeping better the past 2 nights because i'm above ground level, or because i wake up to natural sunlight, or because my bed is higher off the ground, because i'm extra tired....or because i have new sheets.

i think it's the sheets, personally. i have less storage in my new room, so i put my bed on those lift things. i have to hoist a little bit to get up into the bed. interesting thing to do late in the evening. speaking of hoisting, the steps are gone. WHAT?!?!? yes. when i went to work this morning, and got to the fence...those glorious steps were gone. the brick is back. i'm very confused...and had to hoist my bag of bones over that fence. i hated it, and missed those steps. why did they have such a short stay at the fence? here's to hoisting.

i thought moving things over a period of time was going to be better. i'm not so sure anymore. i have about 1 1/2 loads left at my old place...and i don't care. i kind of just want to throw it all away, except that i can't do that. i'm just not in the mood to go collect the very last bit of odds and ends and then bring them over to my new place...that still has piles and piles that need to be put away. i'm really looking forward to tomorrow. i'm taking an extra set of clothes with me and heading over to my old place straight from work. i will load up my car, and then clean that concrete floor till' i can see my face in it. (not really)  and then on wednesday i'll hand in my key, and be done with that place. ahhhh. what a good feeling.  :)


The Walkers said...

Definitely the new sheets. And I like Garfield Beth too.

Molly said...

Love this. My roommate and I had a conversation about new sheets today too. So funny. Are we still on for tomorrow night?