Monday, April 4, 2011

i'm alive

i think.

this last week was busy. stressful. i'm glad it's over...and now i'm trying to recover. thanks to everyone who helped with the move - moving big stuff, moving little stuff, cleaning, organizing - the whole nine yards. i have a load of laundry downstairs in the dryer. my bed is made. and i only have 2 boxes left to empty out and go through. and believe it or not, i'm sitting here in the dark front room watching basketball by myself. at least my best friend got me to enjoy something like basketball instead of, i don't know...drugs.

i've had alot on my mind lately. the move. my upcoming coa test. selling my stupid couches. two family weddings. oh yeah, and my know, the personal stuff that i don't post on here. it's been exhausting to be honest with you. i feel like my mind is going all the time. it's not bad, i think i just need to learn how to organize all of my thoughts, prioritize, and then act.

this weekend and listening to conference was welcomed. i decided that i was going to prepare for conference a little more than usual. it was nice to be able to listen to messages and feel like some of them were specifically for me. i'm so grateful for modern day prophets that lead and guide us, offer love and support, and encourage us to choose the Lords way.

in case you're wondering, i had to hop the fence today with no step, and no brick. i'm afraid i'll have a bruise or two come morning. so stupid.

ps. i'm still trying to sell my couches. i would call them stupid, but they are not stupid. just trying to sell them is stupid. let me know if you're interested. thanks, pals.


andrea said...

Ummmm helloooo old friend... I just realized that that I haven't seen or talked to you in FOREVER.... and it makes me sad. How are you? Where are you? Is your number still the same???
B.D. Wong all night long!! Myself and Law and Order misses you.

Whitney said...

Love you. We missed you at Roy's today.

Whitney said...

PS. Thank you for making cookies last night.