Thursday, March 17, 2011

stupid updates

my phone tries to update all the time. and guess what, i never update.

update apps? waste.
update flash player? dumb.

i had someone told me that i was dumb for not updating, so i went through my phone yesterday and decided to make a few updates. guess what could be updated???

words with friends. fantastic, i would love the most recent version of the game that rules my life.

except now i have this message everytime i open the game that says "updating...this may take a few minutes..." and by a few minutes i guess they meant 24 hours. its my turn on all of my games. i have messages waiting for me in those games, and i can't get to them. so, if you're waiting for me to take my turn...any suggestions? please oh please i want to take my turn!!!!

so, i learned my lesson the hard way. i will never update again. and at this rate. i'll never play words with friends again either.


Steve Lamb said...

Same thing happened to me! Stupid words with friends update. I had like 8 games running. I may have been losing all of them, but whatever.

Marissa King said... Matt and I are addicted to Words with Friends and he's ALWAYS telling me I need to update phone, my computer, etc. etc. So just yesterday I updated Words with Friends and it did the SAME thing. So I turned the phone off and back on. Didn't work. So I uninstalled Words with Friends and re-downloaded it. That worked. Plus if you remember the email you registered it with it'll pull up all your games and messages from the exact point you left them. Good luck.