Thursday, March 17, 2011

that d fence.

behold, the fence:

i don't think i've ever posted a picture of the fence before. last week i showed up to hop the i show up to hop the fence everyday, and this little treasure was waiting for me. see the brick leaning up against the pole in the back? yes, that is what i used to step on to hop that beauty. now that brick is on the other side of the fence, you know, to help me get down on the other side.
these steps are the real deal. my coworker and i decided it would be easier to turn the step sideways, because (even though you can't see it) there is a thick cable and a net that kind of get in the way if you try to take the steps the way they are now. we turned the step hoping that it would be helpful to other people, but when we came back the next morning, it was turned back this way. obviously others didn't like our suggestion.

fancy little fence, eh? and as long as i don't get to the fence at 7:55 (which happens to be exactly when trax pulls up) i'm happy to climb those matter which way they face.


Steve Lamb said...

You should never jump over this fence...

Melissa said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha that fence is huge. i'm dying laughing. i can picture it now. your scrubs are gonna catch on it one day and then.... well i'll wait for that blog post when it happens.