Wednesday, March 16, 2011

real or not real

i'll admit that i'm not always the smartest tool in the shed. for the most part i can say that i'm a smart girl, but sometimes i let things slip.

like that one time my friend blogged about this blog and it took me at least 12 hours to realize it was fake. a joke. poking fun. yeah....after i had already told people about this "baazar blog with this crazy girl".... smooth beth, real smooth.

or like that time when i watched 3 hours of sister wives and then i asked my cousin (who had also just watched 3 hours of sisterwives) if God answers their prayers too. "God answers all prayers offered in faith, Bethany". ok, i realize now it was a silly question.

and now, i just wonder if this is another one of those moments. my friend posted this video on my facebook page and i can't quite figure out what i'm supposed to do with all the fun fun fun fun fun.

right now i'm not seeing the justin bieber star potential. maybe i'm biased because i just jammed out to him on my drive home.

please, feel free to clear this one up for me.


Steve Lamb said...

I am glad you posted on my blog, I assume it had something to do with you actually adding me into your friendship circle.... and THAT is for real. I need to start sisterwives, hulu? Does God answer your prayers?

Kayce said...

This is awful. And you are pretty gullible, but then so am I.

So is the video for real? I actually can't tell at all.