Friday, March 25, 2011

johnson jr. high.

i got off work early today and went to run some errands....right as school was getting out at east high. i saw a slew of kids walking home from school and i couldn't help but think back to the good ol' days from walking to and from school. i walked to school all three years of jr. high...from what i can remember. it was kind of far away...and we had to jaywalk across a big street. maybe my memory is a little skewed, but i had to laugh thinking about the days of walking to school. we'd meet other neighbor kids on the way and we would all walk together. this was back before cell phones. back when it was cool to wear your backpack on one shoulder. and overnight it would switch and be cool to wear your backpack so low it would bounce off the back of your knees when you walked.

oh, jr. high. i have specific memories from jr. high. learning the choreographed dance in pe. passing secret notes in a secret notebook in a secret language (that is truth...). making my first phonecall on a pay phone. never paying attention in science class. my english teacher that would stand on the table to teach. the poem i had to write for a book report that stunk, but deep down i really thought it was very very good. that nala tshirt that i wore once a week (also showcased in my school pictures and the photos from the day i got my braces on). dorchestra class and taking my first "school trip" out of the state. having a locker for the first time. my cell project that i made out of jello and covered with saran wrap. watching bill nye the science guy on fridays when there was nothing to do in class.

most people hated jr high. granted, it was an awkward stage for me....well, for everyone. i know now that i would never want to go back to those days....but i can honestly say that jr high was good times. good friends. good memories.

who'd a thunk?


Molly said...

This is why we are friends. Junior high was good to me as well. I'm at my best when I'm super awkward. :

Whitney said...

You have no idea how shocked I was to see this as the title of your post. Johnson Jr. High: it was only one year, but it was the last time you and I went to the same school.