Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my car feels so....registered.

so lately my mind has been on "other things" lately. proof: monday night i was driving home from a friends house and got pulled over. no, i did not break any traffic laws, but my car registration was expired...making me "stick out like a sore thumb" (or so the officer said). he was very nice to me...but how else is he supposed to act when i (1) only have a temporary license because i didn't have a home when i needed to renew it so i'm waiting for bank statements to come to my new address, proving my residency, (2) the most up to date insurance card i can find in my car is from 2008 [are you kidding me????? it was a shocking moment for all involved] and (3) i can't even find my *expired* registration, because it was possibly stolen when my car got broken into over a month ago and they didn't take anything but now i'm suspecting they took my registration [we ended up finding it. who would steal the registration?? oh yeah, did i not tell you about the break in? honestly, i was a little embarassed about it. it happened. it was weird. moving on]. so long story short, the officer suggested i get it taken care of asap and sent me on my way. the next day after work jiffy lube helped me make my car legal on the roads again, all without even getting out of my car. that's what i call service. and now, my car feels so....registered. (and dirty, but that's for another day)
onto the real topic. i hate spending money on mandatory things that arent fun things - like car registration. that sounded really juvenile. let me explain myself.
you want a peek at my current list of things i need to buy? it'll make your skin crawl...
  • garbage can
  • pepper (as in salt and pepper)
  • sponges
  • laundry soap
  • paper towels
  • broom
just a sampling. nothing fun. all functional, mind you, but theres something so not exciting about blowing a wad of money on supplies to clean your bathroom. i would much rather be spending my hard earned paychecks on airline tickets or a cool arm chair to put in my room or tint the windows on my car. alas, grown up life calls.

i hear you loud and clear, dirty bathroom. i promise to go to the store tomorrow.

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Whitney said...

I always say car repairs (and registration) is like burning money. The money is gone, and nothing feels different at all. It just disappeared.