Saturday, October 23, 2010

single white female seeks....

motivation. motivation to work out. after my no cookie contest, i never wanted to work out again. i was burnt out. i think mostly because it's something i had to do. now i want it to be a choice i make. there are some things that i just dont like.
example. reading. i'm not a big reader. but...i would like that to change. therefore, i joined a bookclub.

i don't like to work out. if it doesn't happen, i dont cry myself to sleep. but, i've been feeling tired lately - all the time. i think part of that is because i'm on my feet all day at work. i think a big part of that is i just come home and chill at night. i would really love to start running again, but now it's cold. snow is on it's way. and i like to be warm, and preferably dry.
will a gym membership go to waste? can i afford a gym membership? will i stick with it? will i hate it? these might all sound like silly questions, but i'm used to my life being chuck full of silly quesitons.

i think i just need to hunker down and join a gym. any suggestions on my quest to get more energy and feel better through exercise? (if i can buckle down and actually do it.....)


Meggera said...

Do it. Always makes a world of a difference in how I feel. The days that I don't are the days crappy days for me.


Join me at Gold's. Meags and I go to a couple classes and will often see other at the gym or plan to go at the same time. You can do it.

Jenny and Josh said...

Because you are a U of U employee you can get a membership to the "field house" on campus. It is down by the stadium. Check it out:

Katie said...

Why do you always blog what I'm thinking????

So I joined 24 Hour Fitness in May. I actually really liked it. They had great facilities, good classes, and it wasn't packed full of hot girls and hot guys just there to flaunt it. It was mostly just people who wanted to exercise. wasn't super expensive like lots of gyms. And it was month by month, so I could cancel whenever i wanted to.

In the end I did end up canceling my membership... because I really started to love running outside, and I went on a budget and tried to eliminate everything I didn't absolutely need. They didn't give me any hassle for canceling.

That's my 2 cents :)