Monday, October 25, 2010

hotel park city

This weekend was a long time comin'. My prize for winning the no cookie contest was a gift certificate for a free nights stay at hotel park city.
i planned.
i schemed.
and the rest is history.
(ps. i stole the pictures of the room from the hotels website. by the time i thought about taking pictures of the room, it had been "lived in" and didn't look as pretty as these ones.)

 when i originally heard the weather was going to be cold and rainy, i thought my plan was ruined. guess what, it turned out to be perfect! it was nice to turn on the fireplace and drink hot chocolate. when our room got too toasty, we would open up the back door to our balcony and listen to the rain. it was divine.

the boys came up saturday afternoon to hang and then joined us for dinner. don't worry about the robe. i promise he has a swimsuit on under there and had just gotten back from a trip to the hot tub.
 the boys finally cleared out and girl time started. our original plan involved four girls - so sad you couldn't have stayed meg!! don't judge us for eating cold pizza in bed and flipping between cake shows and cujo the killer dog. we laughed out heads off. i love these girls...
ps: i wish you could have been there for us trying to take this picture. i had to put the timer on and then run to the bed. the carpet was quite slippery (when you're running and making sharp turns around the corner of the bed anyways) and proved to be fatal...almost.
 it was a beautiful view from our window. the leaves were all changing colors, and the rain was a nice touch.

girls night might need to become a new tradition. what do you think girls??

just wanted to say happy birthday to my baby sister. she turns 19 today, can you believe it? sure love her and am excited for her living grown up college life. we'll have to have a birthday sleepover soon. sure love you, beb.

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Meggera said...

Ugh.. Hate that I missed this. Turns out you would NOT have wanted me there after all though... I became a pukey mess in the middle of the night. You would have cleaned up after me though right?!