Saturday, October 30, 2010

happy halloween

except not really. i don't even like halloween.

let me rephrase that. i don't like grown up halloween. last year i tried to dress up (which i didn't even really do...) and go to parties with people "my age" and it was horrible. this year i have told myself it's not even an option. are there parties going on? oh i'm sure of it, but i have no clue where they are or who's going.

now, carving pumpkins with my cousins cute kids, a nice halloween lunch, carmeled apples and hanging out with friends (not in costume, mind you)....that's the halloween i like. walking up and down streets with little kids dressed like a princess or winnie the pooh while they collect candy to rot their teeth. sounds divine.

so this halloween, i wasn't invited to a haunted house. i didn't have to talk my way out of a haunted corn maze. i didn't even have to tell friends that i don't like to watch scary movies. do you know what that means? i have no friends. just kidding, it means that my close friends know i don't like to do that, and i've removed myself enough from other people that they would never ask me to join them on such a ridiculous outing. i was invited to run a zombie 5k, but i think it was on accident. please imagine me running a 5k with fake/real zombies chasing after me. the thought literally makes me scared to death.

so, i've survived another halloween. today will be pleasant. candy. treats. friends.

no zombies.


Whitney said...

What about carving pumpkins and trick or treating with your cute niece and nephews? It's okay if you already have plans...

But You're Invited.

Meggera said...

NO COSTUMES?... Who are you? I thought for sure you were going to be dressing up with with us... you could be Emmalee's bell that belongs around her little cow neck.

hf said...

I'm right there with ya! And hallelujah Halloween is gone and THANKSGIVING is right around the corner!!