Saturday, October 9, 2010

secret project:revealed

about 2 years ago, i was blog hopping and ended up on this random photography site. this photographer had taken pictures at her family party at her grandparents house, and had taken some great pictures of her grandparents at their home. i thought it was such a good idea - and so it begins. i started looking for photographers, and started thinking about how i would convince my grandparents it was a good idea to have a photographer come to their house and take pictures of them doing everyday things. weather went crazy early, and my grandparents yard, which is usually gorgeous, was...well, not. winter came and went with no visit from a photographer. i had plans to be up at grandmas for efy the following summer, so started making secret plans. i didn't want to get too many people involved. the more people involved, the more opinions there would be (not that that's bad, but i just had a very clear idea of what i wanted).

so, i scheduled the photographer, who was actually an old friend i met while doing a semester in nauvoo.

Early this summer, Jessie made the trek up to grandmas house. she was so easy to work with, and captured everything just the way i had wanted (all while being like 15 months pregnant! ok, not 15...but definetly like 8 3/4) Jessie was great, and i owe her big time for being so patient through the process.

 ok, let's be honest....i'm not the best with secrets. i usually have one person that i have to at tell everything to (sorry if that's you. the idea of getting the pictures back and not sharing them with everyone was just painful for me. but don't you worry, i did it. to an extent. i showed mom and my sister who were helping me with my final secret project - so i felt justified in letting them in on the secret. ok, let's be honest again. i did tell a few cousins, and maybe my aunt who's like another mother to me, and scott (but he doesn't count. not only is he a vault that houses all of my deepest darkest secrets, but he is also a boy that doesn't really care about pictures of my grandparents - not that he doesn't care about my grandparents, but you get the jist)

so, i started my project. and now after hours of work and bribing my grandparents to do their part of my project - IT'S DONE!!!! i'm so happy with how it turned out. I worked hard with my grandparents to get text for a book i put together with all the pictures that were taken. it really is a priceless history of my grandparents

i have a unique relationship with my grandparents. i don't know if it's because we've lived together for three summers, but i'm so grateful for the playful, honest, and loving relationship that we have. they are so wise, kind, accepting and encouraging. i've learned to much from them and am so grateful for the influence they've had in my life. if my future marriage results in even half of the happiness and satisfaction that my grandparents have found, i'll be a happy girl.


Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

Beth - this is AMAZING. You are so inspired and incredible -- I miss you!!

Andrea said...

i am in love with your secret project! i can not tell you how smart you are to get it all down while they are both still here! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!
- Doris

Whitney said...

Nice book. (Nice bedspread in the background.)

I'm still secretly jealous of you and your pictures, you know.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE this! What an awesome gift. Miss you!

Melissa said...

wish i could see you every weekend. don't know what the fam would do without you. love you