Thursday, February 3, 2011

as of late

i just had a whole post written full of juicy goodness and with one push of the wrong button, it disappeared. seriously? there's no way i can even remember everything i said.


this week, i thought wednesday was friday. not suprised it felt like a long week, eh? it probably didn't help that i've had some late nights this week. (you'd think i'd learn) on thursday, i slept in. whoops. i woke up at 7:45 and clocked in at work at 8:03. that takes some major skills. thank goodness it's turned into a habit to shower at night. :)
today during lunch i called my dad and we started laughing about something. i think we fed off eachother, because it became very funny...funnier than i initially pegged it being. good thing the break room wasn't very full, because i was laughing so hard i could barely breathe, and let's be serious, there were tears. i love a good laugh with my dad. perfection.
bff has a basketball game tonight. right now actually. i've been bugging him for ages asking if i could come to one of his games. he just texted me to let me know when his game starts. i think i need to go get a gatorade adn show up, even though i texted him back and just told him to text me when he's done. yeah, that was rude. i'm outta here.

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Whitney said...

Laughing with Dad is the best.