Sunday, January 30, 2011

i know my last post was just random thoughts, but maybe that's how my mind has been working this week. random thoughts if you hate that, then....sorry. come back later and i'll try to have a real post focussed on one topic. maybe.

what do you do when you pose a thought to your best friend and then ask them what they think, and they opt out of saying anything. i know they have an opinion, they just don't want to share it, which makes me think that my thought was stupid and ludacrous. i'm not bugged or mad at the lack of advice or opinion, i think it just makes my thought more confusing in my head. (did any of that even make sense??)

does distance really make the heart grow fonder? seriously, i'd like to know.

today was a long day. i left my house at 10:30 and didn't get home till 10:30. i just looked at the clock to see what time it was that i got home, and just realized i was gone for 12 hours today. i'm pooped.

i had my closet intervention. i cleaned it out, and just you wait....i'll post pictures of the piles of clothes i had on my bed. i called my sisters to let them know of said pile, and told them that on monday i was opening up the pile to any friends that wanted a peek. don't worry, they drove up later that day and left with 6 bags of clothes. it was kind of a weird thing to sit there on the bed and watch them dig through the pile and try stuff on....but it sure was nice to have it gone. happy new wardrobe to my sisters.


hf said...

Distance makes me appreciate what I had when it's gone, and in that way it makes my heart grow fonder. But a lot of time, I just hate distance.

I love your closet intervention. I think I might need to do one myself. And I always love to be the recipient of someone elses' closet cleanout! :)


J & A said...

Dear Friend,

I love your random thoughts. In my opinion, your blog is on my top 6 blogs to read! (yes, top 6, I wanted a random number instead of 5 to go along with your random thoughts:)

Hope you are well!


Steve Lamb said...

Thanks for coming to hear me sing! So much for a day of rest, right? Random thoughts are good and I am very excited about your organized closet!! It makes my soul happy, really.

Whitney said...

Change your closet, change your life. Thank you for changing my closet, and therefore my life. Can we hang out again soon? You don't have to give me clothes next time to buy my company.