Thursday, January 27, 2011

today while the sun shines

  • i have seven blogs.
    • this blog
    • stewart immediate family blog
    • stewart family blog
    • davis family blog
    • sugar shack blog
    • secret blog
    • secret blog
  • today i went to the park city symposium for work. that means i had to be in park city for a meeting that started at 7. that means my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning.
  • that also means that when my meeting ended at 11:30 i went to the outlets. (well, i went to the bank first. long story) i am proud to say that everything i bought today was on clearance.
  • my brother is getting married. i got an email from the new sister in law with wedding colors. of course i had that in mind when i went shopping (kind of my reason for least that's what i keep telling myself) i'm happy to say i found something. a belt. that's right. the perfect belt in the perfect color. i'm not quite sure how it's all gonna pull together, but i'm still very excited about the belt.
  • i'm really glad i don't work at famous footwear. for alot of reasons.
  • im' officially going through my closet. with no emotion i am really getting rid of things i don't wear anymore. no more of this "but what if i want to wear that sometime and then i don't have it cause i got rid of it". if i haven't worn it in 6 months, it's a goner. let me know if you're interested in snagging some of what i'm getting rid of.
  • i didn't change my facebook status to anything about the byu game last night because i didn't feel like it, but now i feel left out. i did watch the game online, and it was great. i'm sure it was super exciting to actually be at the game. in fact, i know it was because of my sisters blog post. oh to be young again.
  • i hate trying on jeans. any other pant, i can grab my size and try them on and be fine. jeans are so different depending on style, cut, long, ankle, skinny, dark...blah, blah, blah. i tried on about 17 differnt styles today in about 6 different sizes and wasn't in love with any of them. please, where do you buy your jeans? (and not pay $1,000 for them??) i'm all about investing a chunk of cash into a pair of pants that fit really well....but where are such pants?
  • i woke up at 5:30 today, so i'm taking a nap. boo yah.



I love BKE(Buckle), Big Star, and MEK jeans. I also hate trying on jeans. Bleh.

Whitney said...

My favorite jeans are from Target. I like the fit, $25, dark wash, but I don't think you want my fashion advice. On that note, I love wearing Bethany hand me downs.

Also, I have 8 blogs. Booyah.

Melissa said...

oh b please oh please let me go shopping in your cast-outs. i'll pay you in arm tickles or back scratches. (i'm not kidding) if you give them to me they will be in my closet ready to be stolen back the day you are missing them.

jeans? hmmm i think the gap is a great place.. always pricey but i've never regretted going there. madre has always thought they were worth the price.

i need to go shopping for wedding outfit. with you.

thanks for the shout out sistagurl. i feel so pop.


Marissa King said...

I call dibs on the closet cast aways!!!!!

Steve Lamb said...

Seven blogs... you are a hoarder of blogs.. but I am grateful that I am involved in one! PS I wake up at 5:30 everyday... and I never take a nap. that's real life, yo!!

Brad said...

jeans at costco: $12.99

Ali said...

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bethany's closet. i will snag anything. you know what i always stole from you when we were living together!!!!