Tuesday, January 25, 2011

dang it.

i never check the weather. never. ever.

so this morning, i checked the weather. miracle. very responsible of me. what did it say?


great. i threw on my tennies and a light jacket and headed off to work.

halfway through the morning i looked out the window.

seriously. that is not cloudy.

so, sorry salt lake city. the blizzard hit because i was dumb enough to check the weather. i'll never do it again.

i promise.


Whitney said...

My thoughts exactly. I did NOT give my permission for it to snow today.

The Walkers said...

welcome back to slc, snitch. missed you.

Melissa said...

same story down here sister.

sperrys are NOT snow shoes. they are more like little sleds on the bottom of your feet.

lesson learned.