Monday, January 24, 2011

flashing, flashing lights

so the other day i sat with a friend and read my blog. the entire thing, and by reading i mean flipping through and looking at pictures. supposedly that's how alot of people read blogs. i learned that i'm not always very good at posting here ya go, scottie. picture town...which means i pulled these pictures off of my phone and decided to post them.

i cleaned my bathroom tonight. i love my bathroom, and i will miss that show-pow. (you know, shower power)

 remember how my floors are heated so when i step out of the shower it's onto warm floors? it's true. and yes, that's a cute pictures of my nephews on the counter. and yes, that's another picture behind their picture. maybe i rotate pictures on my counter. maybe you'll never know what the other picture is...

i made this bag. it's not a very good picture, just one i snapped for my mother to show off my hard work on the sewing machine. i was looking for a large tote for my cousin for christmas, and called my mom frustrated because i couldn't find one.
"why don't you just make one?"
of course, mother.
she is a genius. i was very happy with how it turned out.

 this was taken over thanksgiving break. beb and i sharing a dressing room at h&m. looking back, i'm kind of sad i didn't buy that cardigan. i was having one of those days where i thought i had too many cardigans. today i'm having one of those days where i can never have enough cardigans.
beb did buy that cute outfit. and then she wore it for our christmas card picture.

this, my friends was the first picture ever taken on my new phone. silly, huh? but i like it because i'm with cousin preston who is on a mission right now, and i miss him. cute boy.
oh yeah, and i'm with laura, and i like her too. and cousin lindsey. i think she's wearing my black and white striped hoodie that has convenietly gone missing from my closet. mystery....

and this little gem was taken whilst skyping tonight. never listen to your friend when they tell you to lift up your chin a little bit because they can't see what you are doing with your lips. they are really tricking you to lift your chin up so they can take embrassing photos to use against you. my friends are so nice.

today i mailed a package. was it for you? you wish you were so lucky. i just hope by the time it get's to it's destination, it's not a box/bag of crumbs. at least they would be good crumbs, right?

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