Saturday, January 22, 2011

this weekend i took a quick unexepected trip home for a family funeral. the service was very nice, and it was so good to see so many family members and friends there. i'm very happy i was able to come home and participate.
i talked scott and joey into coming home with me so i didn't have to make the drive by myself. this afternoon we were able to head over to the dam to see the new bridge that's been recently finished. it was pretty spectacular.

lately, but mostly this week, i've had my mind focused on what really matters. an eternal perspective. the real purpose of this life. it's been very humbling as i remember my relationship with my Heavenly Father and His Son, and my goal to return to live with them. today was another time where i was able to feel of their love and remember my value and potential to be with them and family members again.

i hope that these feelings and impressions stay with me and motivate me to continue and work harder. i'm so grateful for wonderful friends and loving family that encourage me to do and by my best as we all face hardships and challenges of this world.


DeeAura said...

Trick, dear, I'm so sorry. Just wanted to say I love you. :)

AND - totally off topic, but how do you know Joey Jorgensen?

Steve Lamb said...