Wednesday, February 23, 2011

turn the boat around

i was informed tonight via skype by my 19 year old sister and her roommate that my blog was getting to be depressing.

whoa. whoa. whoa. let's stop right there.

ok, so i know it was getting a little solemn. maybe a little serious. maybe a little debbie downer. maybe i was in a funk???

don't you worry. i'm officiallly out. tonight i went out on the town. translation :  i went to deseret book and the grocery store. maybe i was in clothes that resembled pajamas, but that's ok. deseret book was pretty quiet at 6:30 at night. i grabbed a few books and made myself comfortable in a big leather chair and sat and read for over an hour. i ended up buying to cs lewis books i've been wanting to read, but never have had the motivation to actually go and buy. no, they are not books for book club. i decided i didn't want to read this months book club book (tom sawyer. blah) so i went to get a book that i've actually wanted to read for a while now. i'm excited to have something to read during my lunch breaks.
i have laundry going right now. i feel like i always have laundry going. i read a friends blog today where she said she's started a laundry day. tuesdays. all laundry waits until then. wash. dry. put away. then you're done for the week. i've been trying to decide if that would work for me...i think i might try it.
i went to the grocery store. i bought milk. i never buy milk unless i buy cereal. during funks i tend not to have food in my cupboards. i don't eat. or i eat out. i now have food in my cupboards and milk in the fridge. and new running pants. that's right, i've decided a race of sorts is in my near future. i've been hankering to get out and go running lately (another sign that funk is over). now i just need to charge my ipod and update the tunes. and have some ice melt off the sidewalks....
i also beat someone on words with friends today. sorry jen, but it felt so good. especially after i'd gotten so used to losing.

so, as deborah kerr would say : turn the boat around.  (yes, another affair to remember reference. instead of complaining that you don't get it or that it's weird or stupid, maybe you should just watch it. yes. do it.)


Melissa said...

woahwoah way to exaggerate.

5K yeahyeahyeahyeah

markstewy said...

hi! i always read and never comment. i'm trying to change that. love you!

Whitney said...

You must own this movie to quote it so much. I haven't seen it in forever.

Meggera said...

Train with me?!... next physical challenge of mine... train for a half marathon in 4 weeks. That's right... 4 weeks!