Tuesday, February 22, 2011

mean dogs. nice buns.

did you know that jdawgs is coming to salt lake city?

i happened to be in provo on monday (for the exhibit) and got a phonecall from a friend.

"are you still in provo??"
why yes, yes i am.
"do you want to get me a jdawg?"
why yes, yes i do.

when i ordered that wonderful hot dog, i asked them to put everything on the side, since the dog and i had a little road trip back to salt lake. thats when the giver of special sauce informed me that we would be getting a jdawg in our neck of the woods. the pie will no longer be the coolest stop on the block.

mmmmm.....special sauce with pickles.


Whitney said...

I'm afraid to say this out loud....I've never had a Jdawg.

Melissa said...

mmm jdawgs so d gooood

Tiff said...

Sweet! When? Where? Tell me you have more details.