Thursday, February 17, 2011

why today was a good day:

  1. work is over. for today anyways, and it's the week if more than half over. yippeee.
  2. it snowed today. not that i like to walk or drive or live in the snow, but i like to eat it. i scooped up a big ol' cup of fresh snow and munched on it before bed. mmmm.
  3. my family comes into town this weekend.
  4. i officially have both dresses for my brothers upcoming weddings. i'm actually really happy with them. and they are my style. and they look good. i hope the future sister in laws like them so i can wear them to their festivities and not ruin their pictures.
  5. i got to see NEVER SAY NEVER tonight. it was fabulous. the company wasn't half bad either....
and i'm officially up past curfew. not that i have curfew, but i told myself i wanted to have my eyes closed by midnight and my phone says it's 12:02....dang nab.


DeeAura said...

You make me, like, smile. :)

Steve Lamb said...

Cuz baby you're a firework!! oh wait... I mean baby, baby oh! What is company wasn't "half bad" suppose to mean? I'm offended. jk.

Whitney said...

Excited to see you this weekend.