Tuesday, February 22, 2011

carl bloch exhibit.

i went this weekend. it was spectacular. i was a little sad that it was so busy. they have ipads you can rent...but they were all used, so i don't feel like i got to experience the whole thing. truth be told, i would like to go back when i don't have a headache and don't feel rushed.

the artwork was beautiful.

if you have a chance to get down to byu...go go go. this exhibit took NINE years to put together, and will be on campus until the beginning of may. so get a babysitter (me) and go. or you can get another babysitter and take me with you.

pictures found here. make sure you reserve tickets ahead of time. and take a headphone jack splitter thing and a second pair of headphones so you can share an ipad with someone.(it will save you a whopping 3 dollars, but that's a whole meal at j-dawgs.)


Jill said...

I agree, I want to go back!

Whitney said...

Hey, Babysitter. Name the day.