Monday, December 20, 2010

sorry, i know i've been posting alot lately

but i've obviously got a little extra time on my hands... and a few things to get off my chest.

today i went to work and got sent over to pediatrics for the day. i left the moran and walked over to our clinic in primary childrens. you probably didn't know this, but i originally interviewed with pediatrics. this was the job i wanted bad bad bad, and was so disappointed when i didn't hear back. it was days later i got the call from the moran wanting me to come and interview for their main location, where i work now.

pediatrics was good. it was a nice change from the normal clinic i'm used to, but it wasn't nearly as challenging as my current job. it's a much smaller clinic, and really didn't push me very much. i couldn't help but think "gosh beth, this is what you wanted. BAD. and now look, you are in a larger clinic. you have so many opportunities to learn new things. i work with great people. alot of people that i wouldnt have known otherwise. people that teach me everyday. i work with smart doctors. doctors that invite me to come down to surgery and scrub in so i can watch (i'm so excited about this for some reason). today i realized that what we think we want or even what we think we deserve is not always what is best for us. i thought pediatrics would be the best place for me to use my skills and excel. man, was i wrong.

 i'm so happy that things don't always turn out the way you want them to.

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Whitney said...

That was deep.

You're a smart girl.

Thanks for teaching me something. I needed to hear that.