Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i'm a survivor

i just got a text from cousin lindsey offering me a dollar if i could remember what her and i were doing together this very night exactly one year ago.

i never was very good at games like that, but with a little help...i remembered.

remember that time i had the swine flu? well forget it. this time last year i was just starting my battle with the 24 hour flu. and when i say battle, i mean BATTLE.

don't worry that three of us in our house got it in the same night. it was a massacre. i still remember all ending up in the front room at about 3 in the morning, sitting in the dark because it was too painful to lay down, all taking turns moaning and groaning, and one of us asking if the other two were okay.

heaven sakes i'm glad that day (mostly night) is over. good thing megan was there the next morning to take care of us. and that is when i gained a testimony of theraflu.

i survived.

ps. did i mention i feel horrible tonight? at one point i wondered if i was starting up round two. gross. i probably just need to go to bed.....

to all of those who have survived the 24 hour flu, my hats off to you. tonight i'll drink a whole warm mug full of theraflu in your honor. :)