Monday, December 20, 2010

i love christmas

i totally forgot that this was the sunday before christmas (silly me...) so i was pleasantly suprised when i showed up to church today for a special christmas musical sacrament meeting. it was perfect. just what a needed.

to top it off, our bishop got up and shared a few thoughts at the end of the meeting. i usually shut off when people spat off phrases like "if i could ask you to do one thing over your break, it would be...." but lucky for me, this time, that didn't happen.

bishop challenged us to do three things over the next week. if you have the time (or if you don't) i invite you to join me:

1. forgive someone.- self explanatory. easier said than done, but self explanatory.
2. love someone - make an effort to show and tell someone how much you love them.
3. serve someone - i'm excited for this one!!

three very simple things if you think about it, but in the end i think they will help me to forget about myself and in turn help me think more about my Savior. what a wonderful time of year when we can forget about the cares of the world and focus on the greatest life and example to ever live. at christmas, we celebrate the birth of Christ. That same Christ still lives today, and continues to bless my life. I'm grateful for this season when we can recognize his humble birth and celebrate his perfect life.

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