Saturday, December 18, 2010

it's christmas time

i just wrote a whole post, and then deleted it....on purpose.

i told myself last night that i was going to sleep in this morning, and then my body woke up at 8:30. awesome. don't worry, i've decided to make up for it, that i'll just stay in bed until i get bed sores. that'll show em'. ok, not really that long, but i am still in bed. i love times like this when i'm not in a rush to get out of the house, not in a rush to call friends (ok, so maybe i already tried to call lindsey, but that doesn't count. that's a normal daily thing...) not in a rush to get out and go shopping, or run errands. i will lay in bed and stalk friends on facebook simply because i can.

so there you have it. nothing officially scheduled for the entire day. wonderful.

i'm not much of a "movie quoter". not that i don't want to be, i just don't have the memory for it. but there are a few classics that i tend to use. i was just laying here in bed trying to get warm, and thought of one of my favorite quotes that me and cousin linds use on a regular basis:

"winter must be cold for those with no warm memories"

if you can tell me what movie that's from, you get major points. well, now it's time to get sentimental. thinking back on past christmas seasons, i'm so grateful for memories and traditions. i'm grateful for parents who let me believe in santa until the 5th grade when my school teacher broke me the news. i'm grateful for grandparents who help build my church library by giving us a new book every year for christmas. i'm grateful for sleeping in the same room with my grown siblings on christmas eve, because thats what you do. i love knowing that when i go home next week for christmas, even though i'm showing up on christmas eve-eve, the red lights and garland will be on the banister, carpenters christmas will be playing quietly in the family room, the little mouse doorknob cover will make it hard for me to open the door, christmas goodies will cover the kitchen table, and my family will be there waiting for me. we can turn on the fireplace, turn off the lights, and sit in the glow of the christmas tree and talk and laugh.

i am a lucky girl. can thursday afternoon come any sooner?


Brad said...


Mike said...

An Affair to Remember

Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER! I love it. I watched it the other day -- it was perfect. And I cried, like always. :)

CELESTE said...

An Affair to Remember ..Cary Grant and Deborah Carr..My all time favorite movie