Monday, December 20, 2010

please don't laugh at me...

just so you get an idea...
this is the field i cross to get to my car. see the far and distant parking lot? that's where my car patienly waits for me at the end of every day. i told myself when i started working here, that the last thing i would do was cross that snow covered field. i was only lying to myself.

there's only one way to get an up close and personal picture of snow trails in the field, and it's to walk the snow trails in the field. after a good storm, there's quite the maze of different trails all over this field. comical? maybe. it does make it a little easier to get the fence, which i hop, of course.

so i wear boots to work, then change into my work shoes when i get there. a few weeks ago, i wore my old grey fake ugg boots into work to cross the field of ice and snow. by the end of the day, most of the snow had melted and i ended up wearing my regular shoes back out to the car with my boots tucked safely under my arm.

enter blizzard 2010.

a few days later, i can't find my boots. i think they must be in the car. nope. lost in the closest. no way. under the bed? fat chance. gone forever. no trace. i bought new boots.

fast forward a week. the snow melts, and one day walking across a damp but mostly snow free frisbee golf course to get to work, i see them. someone's found my boots and placed them just so i'd find them. to be honest, i was (and still am) a bit embarassed to pick up the boots and carry them on into work. so i did what any respectable persone would do. i shoved them into my purse so no one could see me walking with them.

how embarrassing.
just another part of me that survived blizzard 2010.

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