Sunday, August 14, 2011

happy sabbaath

i'm happy its sunday. i haven't been to my ward in over a month (sad i know. i've been in other wards, i promise) i went visiting teaching last week. this may sound silly, but i think i get more out of it than the girl we visit taught...or even my partner. it was so great to be out and doing something with girls from my ward. needless to say, i'm glad i get to go to my ward today.

i still have to take a test for work to get myself certified. you guys, i've tried to study and i'm just realizing again that i'm not your average student. i'm not one to sit down with a book or flashcards and then have it click in my head and stay there. i'm a visual learner, which is why it's been so great that i've been doing hands on learning since i started working there. i'm going to have to figure something out that will help me in the next little bit nail down a few things or i'll be in trouble. why do tests have to be so hard and intimidating for me??? blah.

i'm watching music and the spoken word right now. i love it. i'm just sitting here thinking about how much they sacrifice and how much they give to be able to perform every week, plus rehearsal, plus personal time it takes to memorize music and such. i have a friend in the mormon tabernacle choir. i admire her.

today on music and the spoken word they talked about "choosing to be cheerful". this is a good lesson for me to learn. there are times in my life where i feel like i have to be happy all the time. i'm happy beth, and thats what people expect. instead of feeling like thats a burden or an unreal expectation, i should (and am) so lucky that people would think of me as happy all the time. those times when i don't feel like being happy bethany, instead of feeling like i'm putting on a face to please people and uphold their expectation...i can CHOOSE TO BE CHEERFUL. who would have thought it could be that easy? another wonderful reminder that eveything is a choice. we have our agency. heaven knows i like to be happy more than i like being sad. i think its a new goal for me to choose to be cheerful.

ali and perris were in slc yesterday and stopped by for a visit. maybe it's because i was roomates with ali when she and perris met and got engaged, but i feel like we all three know more about eachother than the normal person should know. perris made a comment that he usually doesn't act like "this" in other peoples home, but i just make him feel so darn comfortable. it's probably because it seemed like the three of us shared a home during their engagement. i love this little family and was so happy they stopped by with their new little babe. i'm lucky to have such good friends :)

i've had 2 people (ahhheeemmm) offer me invites to pintrest, and haven't got a'one. just saying, i don't know how i'm supposed to obsess over something if i dont even have it. no names, but you both read this blog. let the races begin!

i sold my couches. truth. it only took 17 years, but it's done. it's a good feeling.

my birthday is next week. i'm usually all about my birthday, but for some reason (ok, alot of reasons) i'm not too hot about it this year. for the first time, i'm feeling old. real old. feel free to leave boo hoo comments, but if i hear one more time that i'm young and to enjoy the single life while i still can, i'm gonna smack somebody.

i fell down the stairs yesterday. don't worry, i caught myself on the railing...with the inside of my arm. i'm getting a wicked bruise there. all i can say is, "duh, bethany".



Invite sent. Thanks for the reminder. Loved seeing you Thursday.

Whitney said...

Good post.

I would like to (ahem) party hardy with you for your burthday this week.

Ali said...

hahaha we all do know more than we should know about another. hilarious. loved the visit.