Tuesday, June 1, 2010

have you ever....

overheard a conversation and asked yourself if it was real? it's happening. it's happened. and i have a feeling it will continue to happen.

shocking. astonishing. i have to laugh so that i don't cry.

ps. this week is the move to slc. true story. i was in provo a few days ago and it was weird. i didn't have a home base. i didn't have a job. provo wasn't home anymore. weird. but a good weird.

here's to moving. onward and upward.

psssss. the conversation that is shocking is still happening. wow.


...matt and marissa king... said...

are you getting married? just throwin' it out there.

Tawny said...

hahah, you're halarious, AND i cant believe you're moving already!!! Time is gone. it was here, now it's gone. what the heck.