Wednesday, June 30, 2010

random thoughts al la beth

1. in case you were wondering, it still hurts as an adult to get soap in your eyes. just to clarify, this is not something i did on purpose...of course it was accidental. still hurt. duh.

2. my best friend is moving back to utah in 6 weeks. everytime i say this (in my head or outloud) i just start to giggle. the almost uncontollable laugh that happens when things are just too good.

3. there are three bags of popsicles in the freezer. some of them are root beer popsicles. for those of you that really know me, you know that this makes me very happy.

4. my back is getting old. seriously. it's starting to affect my normal life day to day. grandma back at my age is not working for me.

5. last night we played games after the youth left. clue. we played clue. i won (one round at least) and was so excited i ran straight into a railing that i think punctured something inside my bod. we'll see if there are any long term problems.

6. i am no longer staying in an empty house. that means i am sleeping in a bed again. yes, i will admit now that while i was home alone i was sleeping on the couch because i was too afraid to go upstairs at night. this may have something to do with my back bothering me this week. stupid.

7. remember how i have 5 siblings living within 40 minutes of me?? true story.

8. high school reunions. weird. i have TWO high school reunions this summer. remember how i moved my senior year to a new high school?? both old and new are trying to recruit me to come to my ten year high school reunion. it might sound sad to some people, but i don't have much of an attachment to high school. the people from high school that i would want to see,  i happen to have their phone numbers and could schedule dinner with them next week. otherwise, i don't care much. is that bad?? i don't see myself buying tickets to go to a reunion full of people that i no longer relate to at all. unless i have a new perspective real soon, i'll be missing out on the 10 year goodness.

9. age difference. is that an issue? just wondering.


Marissa King said...

I've missed you. Love that you're loving EFY. Sorry you're old. I robbed the craddle. You can too. Love you.

Meggera said...

Why are you not in my life?...

Kayce said...

So true story. I went to my high school reunion 2 weeks ago, and I was not looking forward to it. I only went out of obligation to a friend, but I bought a super cute outfit from anthro and went by myself for the most part. At the main event I was all awkward and weird, but then Lady Gaga came on and I kind of led the way to the dance floor and then everyone else joined in and we had a dance party for 3 hours. My only close friends had left by this time, but by the end everyone loved me, and to see the shocked faces of the girls that intimidated me so much was absolutely worth it. (This also could have been looks of disgust at my dance moves, I'm still not sure.)

I was even picked up in a big bear hug by the big popular soccer player that I talked to maybe once in high school. They were all drunk of course, but it was so fun and I would do it again.

PS I found Root Beer otter pops at target, and those are better than root beer Popsicles.

Miss your face.

Jonelle said...

Britt says age difference is totally not and issue . . .

Melissa said...

I've lived within 40 minutes of you for 2 weeks, yet I still haven't seen you. Don't like it one bit.