Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i know. waaah waaaah wahhhhhh.

let's be honest. i don't watch the news. i don't read the newspaper. so yes, i'm always a little caught off guard with the change in weather. i got home late last night and cousin lindsey told me it's supposed to be 40 degrees the next two days...and rainy rainy. oh yeah, and it's supposed to snow.

S. N. O. W.

ok. i like snow. i do. when i'm in a cabin, and there's a pot of hot soup on the stove. movie playing. puzzle building. hot chocolate. wool socks. i even like to head out on the snowmobile. pull me around on a sled. make a snow angel.
but let's talk about real life. shoveling sidewalks. slipping in parking lots. scraping ice and snow off your car every morning. in your work clothes (aka open toed heels). driving around in gloves. speaking of driving. DRIVING. i am a distracted driver. snow does not help me. ever. i hate driving in snow.
i guess the first step is for me to purchase a snow scraper thingy. maybe i hate scraping so much because i've been using my drivers lisence for the past few years. brrrrr. that can freeze your fingers right off. i think i've had this mentality that if i actually buy a scraper, then i am accepting winter.
i think i have decided (like i decide every year) that long term i will live in warm climate and travel to the snow. done and done.
i love the desert.


Adam R. said...

It's times like these that I wish I was back in the DC humidity and sweat. Really. However, I'll go cry in a corner by myself.

Whitney said...

A credit card, now, really? Hating the snow is all the more reason to get yourself a decent scraper so you have the right tools to deal with it. If I could today I would go Costco and get you a long brush/scraper combo. Those are the way to go. You do work down the street from Costco, remember?

Other essentials I have discovered for making the snow more pleasant: de-icing window wiper fluid. Tried that for the first time last year by mistake because they were all sold out of the other stuff and it made such a huge difference cutting through the ice and snow. Sometimes I could just clean off the windshield with that instead, and it didn't freeze on the windshield either. Last essential tool: a snow shovel with a metal blade on the end. Cuts right through the ice.

So do me a favor (rhymes with fla-VOR) since I can't do it for you. Run your little self over to Costco and splurge on a window scraper. Then stop at Maverik on the way back and get some deicer fluid for your windshield.