Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sing a song

is there ever a song that just "is" your life? i have a couple of those right now. ok, more than a couple. i'd post little youtube links to those songs, but then you'd know what's going on in my personals, and, well...thats just too personal.

but know that i have a few killer songs on repeat. and for some reason, bruno mars, justin beiber, david archuletta and some random country girl all seem to understand me right now. thank goodness.

(i know you love it when i blog about something without really blogging about anything. it makes me feel better to blog about something in code, so you must suffer. my apologies.) (not really.)

1 comment:

Lamb said...

Have you heard Pray by the Biebs? I like it. It is officially the only bieber song on my ipod, the rest of from glee because they are in a range that I can actually sing... PS I hate cryptic posts.. spit it out gUrl.