Tuesday, April 12, 2011

slew of poo

the last few days i've been finding alot of bird poo on my car. i started paying attention to where i park, you know...avoiding trees and such. guess what, i don't park by any trees. no trees.
i'm talking poo on the drivers side door. front. back. hood. lots of poo poo.

i mentioned this to cousin lindsey, who knows all, and she let me know that there is currently an over population of birds. they are actually trying a bird birth control to help with said over population. i trust lindsey because she listens ot npr.

have you noticed alot of birds? or better yet, have you noticed poo?

(sorry, maybe this post is sick...but it's the truth.)



I love this post and I loved seeing you last night.

DeeAura said...

I don't know about the bird population...I don't listen to npr...but my parking garage did leak some kind of crap on my car a few weeks ago that I couldn't get off, and it looked like bird crap on my windshield. Everywhere Iw ent for two weeks, people would either stare in disgust at the "poo" on my windshield (IT WASN'T POO, PEOPLE!)or laugh and ask me why it was still there.

Angry DeeAura. It finally came off with vinegar. Who knew?

The Walkers said...

No, I haven't noticed a slew of poo. Maybe the birds are gunning for you because they can sense your hatred of the animal kingdom. Just sayin'.