Monday, April 11, 2011

the buck stops here

do you ever get to a point where you tell your self that things have got to change. you find yourself saying things like "i know better" or "don't be so stupid".

i'm there. i've got to stop. i've got to start.

seatbelts are simple enough, but for some reason i always "forget" to put it on. when i bought my car a few years ago, i told myself i needed a car that beeped abnoxiously until i put my seatbelt on so that i would wear it no matter what. over time, that beeping has become less annoying, and quick car rides (read trips to the grocery store or driving to work) i have felt in uneccesary for me to wear it. no more. i know i'm not always going to remember right when i get into the car, so i've told myself that i can only let the annoying beeping happen once....and then i have to put my seatbelt on. it's been going well this week. onward and upward.

cooking at home. my last apartment was not an ideal living situation for me. i didn't like sharing the common space in that house with my roommates. it was weird. so i never cooked at home, and if i did, i ate in my room...not in the kitchen. i actually cooked more at bff's house than my house. dumb. well, saturday night i went grocery shopping. my cupboard is stocked. i have food in the fridge. yahoo.

i want to pack a lunch. think of it, i will save mega bucks...and i will have more control of what i eat. the south will rise again.

i will stop staying up late. there is a time and a place. every night is not the time nor the place. there was a time that i was in bed before 10:30. those were good days. i found myself waking up happy and easily in the morning.

there are probably more things that i need to start...and stop, but those are the things that come to mind. in case you're wondering, i love my new place. i love my roommates. i love my neighborhood. i'm happy here.
i'm off to give a haircut.

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Molly said...

I almost wrote an identical post to this last night. Seriously! Onward and upward and no more excuses! I love it! This mostly has to do with my procrastinating everything I do until the last possible moment. :)