Tuesday, May 18, 2010

let the feast begin: the ultimate binge

i feel horrible. it's been a week since my last weigh in...and since then, i've eaten what i've wanted, when i've wanted to. as you know, since i won the competition i get to finish my program for FREE. seriously, i stellar deal, and i'm so so so grateful that i get to do it. i think the attitude that i could possibly be on a strict diet for another 8 weeks made me go a little crazy. ok, alot crazy. i have to eat all the cookies i can this week, because next week it's back to cottage cheese, missy.

honestly, though. i've felt horrible. i'm tired. i'm full...like the yucky kind of full. i have no energy. i'm hungry. i'm snacky. it's blah.

so, i'm sure i've gain 9.3 pounds in the past week. it is actually quite likely. i told my trainer i'd come back if we could start fresh...and if he wouldn't be mad at me. he told me he understood my binge and that he wouldn't be mad. i don't think he knows what i've done. let's just hope he doesn't ask me what i ate....because the real question he should ask is what i didn't eat. that would be easier to answer. i'd just pull out my menu from the past 8 weeks and hand it over. basically if it was on my menu, i didn't touch it last week. i'm excited to go back and get back into the program...in that weird double edged sword i hate cottage cheese kind of way.

but that's tomorrow. tonight calls for cookie dough and cinnamon toast. don't judge me.


Jenny Alama said...

Beth, you eat it up. You are looking marvelous! So nice you get the program for free to finish it out. That is so nice!

Tawny said...

you are hilarious!! i love you, you crazy kid! AND, YOU WON!! I knew you'd win. of course you did. In their face!