Saturday, May 15, 2010

i made these little onesies for my cousin's sweet babes. the cutest girly twins alive. this was my first time being able to see the babies since they were born almost 8 weeks ago. true story. they were in the hospital, it was tax season, i had a runny nose, they were on quaratine from germs...the list of excuses seemed to never end. but no longer. we planned a girls night of costa vida and cheesecake with strawberries....and girls. lots of girls.

too bad you can't see their faces, because that's their best feature :) goodness gracious, they are cute. w didn't make it in the picture at this point, but it was a great night to be with cousins and sister. i am a lucky, proud and happy to say that my siblings and my cousins are also my friends. jealous? you should be.
girls, until next year (for another girls night out. but i'll see you shortly!!)


Tiff said...

Just because I never leave a comment...
Cute onesies!
Yay for Adam.
Had to go back and find that Onestar post - ha ha. Really Beth? Only you. :)
(and yes - I have you to thank for when I use "really" to express many things. :) )
PS You should give me a holler. One grocery store visit in a year doesn't work. Love ya!

Whitney said...

BFF. Cute babes.

Steve Lamb said...

Who knew you were so crafty.. i like it.

The Walkers said...

How come you didn't make cute stuff for my baby? Guess we're really not that good of friends. Who's the traitor now? Oh, and I love that you made it on the onstar website. Well done.