Saturday, May 15, 2010


forgot to mention that this bestie graduated from college. huge accomplishment. and doesnt he look like a million bucks?

speaking of graduation, it's weird for me to think i've been done with college for over 2 years. and in case you forgot, my high school 10 year reunion is this summer (ok, ok. so i took my sweet time finishing college. congratulations to those who finished in 4 years like you're supposed to. i like to do things my own way...aka learn the hard way) will i be attending my reunion? nope. is it beyond weird to think it's been 10 years since high school was my world? all encompassing, nothing is more important than friends and the drama that is high school world. man alive, i'm glad i survived. i'm glad it's over.
my little sister graduates from high school in a few weeks. bizarre.

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Gregory said...

oh . . . you must have misplaced that picture of me you had taken this very day and this very place and this very convocation.
. . . I understand.