Saturday, May 1, 2010

i'm prom queen.

for the record, beb is not taller than me. i am in flats. she is in heels. with that out of the way...doesn't she look GORGEOUS!! i am very sad to say that i will be missing beb's graduation, so i decided i better be here for prom. it's been a fun weekend. a waaaaarrrrm weekend (hope you've all had fun in the snow, utah friends!!)
even though beb and i are almost 10 years apart in age (scary, i know -- for everyone's sake, don't do the math) we are really close. i'm grateful for her friendship, and so excited for her to come to school and live so much closer to me!! gosh, she's so pretty!
math and i had a great time at the golf course for pictures, can you tell?? plus, our sunglasses are rockin' your sweet world. i know it.
and the moment you've all been waiting for...we snuck into the dance. of course it was before the dance started -- but look what we found. yes, i am prom queen, and matthew my king. do i look suprised?? thanks again for all of your votes. world peace.
after we got beb out the door for prom, we went for what i thought would be a leisurely bike ride. i've decided that no bike ride is leisurely. biking is hard, especially when the seat is so small...and my seat is, well....not small. it was a good ride, and i'm afraid my legs will feel it in the morning. it was a beautiful sunny afternoon with a nice cool breeze. great weather. great exercise. great company.

i love summer. bring it on.


Meggera said...

Jealous. Jealous of the warm weather you got to enjoy. Jealous of Beb's red dres... (cannot find one ANYWHERE and I need it ASAP for the wedding this weekend.) Jealous of how AMAZING you look!Seriously.. A-MAZING!

Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

So fun!
We totally voted for you. I'm glad to see it worked:)

PS - you look I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! You are my hero.

Melissa said...

i loooveee you most amazing hair stylist! thank you for coming. sorry things were so busy. miss you already!

Melissa said...

p.s. i am taller.