Tuesday, April 13, 2010

curse you onstar...

So I've had a lot on my plate lately. You could say I'm stressed out. I've learned this past week that when I'm stressed, I tend to get a little "emotional". Let me explain:

I was driving to work this morning drinking my delicious orange julius protien shake, jammin' to the radio. A commercial came on, and if I haven't heard this specific
commercial before...I've heard a million others like it. It goes like this:
Car accident. People are hurt. Onstar contacts emergency services. Onstar stays on the phone with the customer while they wait for help to arrive, all the while being calm, cool, collected and offering onstar love and support.
Heard it before?? Great. Except not really. Today hearing the man say he couldn't feel his legs made me start to cry, and when the operator asked how his son was and a little sweet boys voice said "I'm ok" ...I lost it. The kind of whole body cry...or just mouth cry. I spewed a whole mouthful of orange juice protien shake. On the dash. On the windshield. Steering wheel. Pants. This is when I thought outloud..."get a hold of yourself, woman".
Today was a long day at work...like a 14 hour work day.I have two more like it lined up. I love april 15th, don't you?
So...if I don't return your calls, or come to your party, or go to the gym, or I do return your call and I'm short with you, or impatient, or just a stinker all around--- I'm sorry. I promise this is my last tax season. Until its over, ill just have to avoid the onstar commercials :)


Whitney said...

I'm sorry you are stressed. But I did enjoy the spewing orange julius on the dash because of onstar story.

Meggera said...

Oh Beth. I cannot wait until you are done. Cant wait to be neighbors again!

Mike said...

I mean this in the nicest way possible, but this makes me laugh.

The Irons said...

i love you H! :)

jjmccusker said...

I work at OnStar and I tear up probably once a month hearing our customers needs. Makes you proud that you can help, but really makes you empathize with the folks in need of help. Hope tax season ends happily for you.

Perris said...

okay 1. i am really sorry you are so stressed. but 2. that is hilarious...i know what you mean though. those emotions are crazy sometimes :) (this is al)

Markeisha said...

I have to tell you, there are many others who can really relate to your story... We're certainly not trying to make you spill your Orange Julius (we owe you one), we just want to tell the amazing stories that we get from our subscribers.

If you're interested, I'd really like to chat with you. I think other subscribers would enjoy your story...only because we can all relate to a stressful season, a cry or a spill. Also, in celebration of the end of tax season, I really want to get you that replacement Orange Julius.

If you would, please email me your contact information at markeisha.mccall@onstar.com.