Monday, April 19, 2010

I survived.

I can't believe it's actually done. April 15th is a thing of the past....thank goodness.
Now I have to start focusing on other things, moving being numero uno. Can you believe i'm supposed to be out of the shack this weekend? you heard me right. THIS WEEKEND. it's ok. what's one more deadline, eh?
In case you're wondering, this past weekend was great. I ran away to slc and saw dearie friends that have been estranged these past few weeks. spent some time at megan and gregs, caught up on lost, frosted cookies at aunt barbaras, slept, babysat the cutest niece in the world, ran a few errands with scott, headed back to megans to gossip and plan my wedding (it's going to be beautiful by the way...). Sunday was perfect. Church, nap, rs fireside, ward prayer, vt, and then a fabulous visit from two brothers and a best friend. i love visits like that, when worlds collide...but in the good way, ya know? we could have all sat around and laughed for hours.
overall, it was a good catch up weekend. next weekend i move. the following weekend? las vegas. home again home again. and i can't wait :)
sun. home cooked meals (but not really because i'm still doing my competition), sun, pools, family, friends, sun. and beb's prom.
life is good.

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Jonelle said...

You are home this weekend! Maybe in some free time we should see each other.